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The National Mill Dog Rescue
When people buy animals from pet stores, many of them don’t realize that they are encouraging commercial breeding from dog mills. Dogs that produce the cute puppies and kitties you get at the pet store live in deplorable conditions and their sole purpose in life is to repeatedly produce offspring to profit their owner. The receive very little human contact, minimal vet care if any at all and can suffer from a variety of treatable diseases that lead from chronic discomfort to death. When they can no longer produce litters they are usually destroyed by the mill owners.

The National Mill Dog Rescue, located in Peyton, CO, is an organization that works to rescue dogs from these mills while fighting to shut the mills down. The dogs are then placed for adoption in loving homes, and with patience and kindness they evolve into wonderful, grateful companions.

Don’t let pet stores fool you by telling you they are AKC certified or that their animals don’t come from mills. Most do and the pet store owners can be very deceptive.

Adopt a deserving dog from or give to the NMDR today!

Save the Giants
Save The Giants is a Colorado-based non-profit giant breed dog rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and responsibly re-homing Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Great Pyrenees and English Mastiffs who are rescued from kill shelters and from dire situations/circumstances. They provide veterinary care, basic manners & socialization while foster families work with the rescues to help them re-build trust and confidence in themselves and their home environments.

Go Big. Save a Giant.


11 S. 25th STREET, SUITE 230
Colorado Springs


REACH US BY PHONE: 720-961-3649