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Aug 27, 2013 General, Rescue

Looking to make an addition to your family?  These eight Great Dane puppies are in need of good homes and will be available for  adoption September 14th.

To submit an application, please email

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Feb 5, 2013 Rescue

From the National Mill Dog Rescue:

First of all, it is important to understand that our rescue contacts have worked with these breeders over time to help them understand that there are “retirement homes” available for these dogs. Our contacts do...

Jan 15, 2013 Rescue

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying — nor more motivating — than a celebration of good deeds accomplished in the name of charity. As we look back on 2012, we’re proud and grateful for all that we’ve accomplished together with...

Jan 15, 2013 Rescue

Stella was abandoned right before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2010, when her owner moved and decided to leave her behind.

Stella had two strikes against her that made the chance of a quick adoption unlikely – 1. being a pitbull and...

Jan 1, 2013 Rescue

Piper (aka Scruffy)

Rut Ro…  it’s that time of year again!  New Year’s Resolution!  Hmmmm… let’s see, what should I put on my list….

1)    Be happy 2)    Be healthy 3)    Be a friend 4)    Spend more time with family 5)    Spend more time at home