Q: What does the process look like?

pippiA: First, you realize you have been doing yourself and your pet an injustice by not having professional pictures of him or her! You also realize no one else can touch my prices for the same kind of services, so you contact me and set up an appointment. We’ll decide on a date, time, and location(s) and go over package options.

Second, I will send you an email with some information about what you can do to help me make this a fabulous and fun experience for everyone involved. I will also send you an electronic invoice for the package you selected. Payment is due for half the cost of the package before I can reserve your time, so it’s best to just get that part over with as soon as possible so you don’t risk losing your reservation!

Next, we meet and have a blast capturing beautiful, fun, and memorable images of your furbaby!  The second half of the payment is due at this time.

After that, I will send you an email letting you know your images are ready to view in your private gallery.

Then, you “Oooohhhh!” and “Aaaahhhh!” over the images and struggle to decide which ones to choose! You tell all your friends to visit your gallery, let them know how great the experience was and that they need to book their own appointment with me ASAP!

Now, you let me know which photos you want to keep as digital negatives. You also let me know if there are any specialty items you’d like to buy.

Once I’ve received your order I will put your high resolution photos into Dropbox so that you can download them directly to your computer!  You can print them as much as you’d like by any professional photo service.  At that same time you will receive lower resolution photos to share on the web.  I will also mail to you anything else you realized you couldn’t live without.

Finally, you proudly display your prints, post all your pictures on Facebook, and remind every pet parent you know that they are crazy if they don’t follow suit!

Q: Where do the sessions take place?

A: Anywhere you want! We can shoot inside your home, outside on your property, or at a location that may have sentimental meaning to you or is your pet’s favorite place to hang out.

Q: My dog is a spaz and is very unruly. Can you still do a session with her?

A: I suggest to clients that have high energy dogs to take them for a long walk shortly before the session. Dogs with this much energy will still be happy and active for their session, but will most likely be calm enough to get some great shots that require them to sit still – even if for brief periods of time.

Q: I’d like to do the shoot at a public place but my dog needs to stay on a leash. Can you edit out the leash?

A: I understand that some pets, especially cats, need to be leash-bound most of the time when they are not confined by a fence. It may limit us a little in the types of shots we can get, but in short, most of the time we can get some photos without a leash showing or the leash can be edited out in most photos.

Q: What if it’s raining or snowing on the day of our scheduled session?

A: It’s unlikely we’ll have that problem here in Colorado, but if it does happen we can connect that morning and reschedule if you would like (there are no refunds for bad weather). However, there are some great shots to be had in the snow, too! It’s ultimately up to you.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: I require at least 48 hours (except for a really, really, really, really good excuse – at my discretion) for cancellations. If you cancel inside of 48 hours without a doctor’s note or your own death certificate I keep the deposit you paid when you initially scheduled the session. See the next question for info about the retainer.

Q: When do I pay for the session?

A: When you and I pick a date for the session you’ll pay a deposit of half the cost of the package you choose at that time. The second half is due the day of the session and can be paid with cash, check, or credit card.

Q: How long will it take for me to get the digital negatives of my baby?

A: No longer than one week from the date of the session in most cases. However, if you order any specialty items please allow up to three weeks for those items.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

A: Once you book a session, I will send an email to you outlining anything you’ll need to do to help make this an awesome session for you and your pet(s)!